Holloway offers resignation after FA fine Blackpool for fielding under strength team

Holloway offers resignation

Holloway offers resignation

Blackpool manager, Ian Holloway, has stated that he intends to offer his resignation after his club were fined £25,000 by the Football Association for fielding an under-strength team earlier this season.

His club played Aston Villa away back in November, and Holloway fielded a team with 109 changes from the week before, and despite all of them being part of the 25 man squad submitted at the beginning of the season, the club were investigated for the matter.

At the time outspoken Holloway threatened to quit if his club were fined, and now they have, he made his feelings very clear when speaking to the Blackpool Gazette.

Holloway, who’s team only lost 3-2 and were the better team on the night, said, : “He (Oyston) will be getting my resignation because that is how strongly I feel. It is up to him whether he chooses to take it. I don’t know who I am working for. I have done the best job I could for this club and have tried to win every single game, including the game at Aston Villa.”

Oyston, also speaking to the paper, responded: “I absolutely would not accept his resignation and I would fight to the death to keep him in his post. He has done fantastically well and deserves to manage at this level for ever.

“It would be absolutely ridiculous if Ian felt compelled to resign because of what is an unjust decision and he shouldn’t compound that by stopping doing what he is doing so well.”

The premier league club have been a breath of fresh air this season, and Ian Holloway has entertained in the media, just as much as his team have on the field. Let’s hope he doesn’t leave, over something quite frankly ridiculous.

What do you think of the decision and do you think Blackpool should have been fined? Answers on a postcard below please.

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