Hodgson not surprised by Torres fee



New West Brom head coach, Roy Hodgson, has revealed he was not surprised by the size of the fee Chelsea paid for Liverpool’s Fernando Torres.

The 26-year-old Spanish World Cup winner left Merseyside for West London in a £50million switch in January, after Liverpool had sacked Hodgson for the poor start to this seasons campaign.

New West Brom boss Hodgson strongly believes Torres will do well at Chelsea, and that he was worth the money they paid fore the striker.

“Am I surprised Torres went for £50million? No, I am never surprised at transfer fees,” he said.

“We’ve got to the stage where comparisons are worthless. If a player is a very good player, and you want him, you pay what the price is.

“If the price is £50million, then you pay £50million. Fernando is an outstanding player, a very good person, and I think he will do extremely well at Chelsea.

“I presume he was happy to leave. I’ve had text messages from him.”

Hodgson has moved quickly from Merseyside to West Brom, with just two weeks between jobs, and admitted it hurt to leave Anfield.

“Of course it hurts,” he added. “Every time a club decides they don’t want you to continue doing the job they’ve employed you to do, of course it hurts.

“It would be foolish to say anything other than that.

“I knew when I took the job I was taking a bit of a risk because there was likely to be a change of ownership. Therefore I’m reasonably philosophical about it.

“It’s a great club, with some very good people there, the players were extremely good to work with, and I’m happy to see them now getting some good results. I don’t regret going there.”

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