Heinze reveals regret at United exit



Argentinean defender Gabriel Heinze has reveals he still regrets the manner in which he left Manchester United in 2007.

Heinze tried to construct a move to Liverpool which left Alex Ferguson fuming, and was eventually sold to Real Madrid.

No one has moved from Old Trafford to Anfield in 43 years, since Phil Chisnall made the move. It is unlikely that while Sir Alex is in charge at Old Trafford that we will see that record broken, as he refuses to sell talent to his fiercest rivals.

Henize still regrets the situation, and will get a mixed reception upon his return to Old Trafford in three weeks time for Marseille in the Champions League.

“I don’t have many regrets from my career as a footballer, but that episode with Ferguson [has] to be one of them,” Heinze said.

“I’m impulsive and strong-willed and this has got me into trouble at times, which was the case at the time when I left United.”

Heinze became a firm favourite with the United following during his three years with the club, and hopes they will remember him for good.

“I spent three years in Manchester and had some great moments and I regret it [leaving the club] a lot.

“There are a lot of things I regret from the last months but I am a strong personality, Sir Alex is a strong personality.

“I took the decision and, looking back, I regret it because it meant leaving a great club and their supporters.

“I was aware of the rivalry with Liverpool, I knew the risk of going from Manchester to Liverpool and what it means.

“I hope it doesn’t tarnish the way they see me and they will remember the three years I had in the team.”

Revealing that he has only bumped into Ferguson once since his move away from Old Trafford, he reveals he still holds the upmost respect for his old boss.

“On reflection, it is easy to see that Ferguson was a major influence on my career, in a positive way.

“I’ve met him only once since I left when I was in Qatar to see Brazil play Argentina [last year] and I was really pleased to see him.

“He gave me a winning culture. I thought my mind was set to be a winner before moving to United, but I discovered I had completed only part of the journey.

“Sir Alex makes every player so much more driven and committed.”

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