Heavyweight Boxing: Chisora To End Klitschko’s Reign

Chisora ready to retire Klitschko brothers

Chisora ready to retire Klitschko brothers

That is the claim the hypeman of boxing has made during the build up to his fight with World Boxing Council heavyweight champion Vitali Klitschko. This is the same boxer that failed to put away Tyson Fury, another giant that has displayed nothing which will get the heavyweight boxing division shivering in its boots.

In fact David Haye was the only man in recent times to have provided the stimulus that should have ignited the heavyweight boxing class, but even he struggled to defeat the monotonous Klitschko. Atleast Dereck Chisora is attempting to add something that has been missing, the fire the Tyson brought to the division.

Chisora is no Tyson

However, Chisora is no Tyson and if his fight against Fury is anything to go by then signs will not be good as fans of the sport might be watching two boxers falling on each other, and in the midst of some wrestling there might be some lethargic punches thrown.

The fight is set to take place on February 18th next year, Chisora has a record of 15-2 with 9 KO’s. While Vitali Klitschko stands with a record of 43-2 with 40 KO’s.

Chisora made wild claims in an interview saying: “I’m going to show Vitali that his time is up and will send him into retirement. And when his little brother Wladimir wants revenge and finally gets into the ring with mw, I’ll be ready and take all of the championship belts from the Klitschko’s back to London.”

It’s hard to take the claims seriously, especially when you take into account Chisora’s last few fights, he is an over confident boxer and his loses have not sent that confidence crashing, in fact he sounds as confident as ever.

What plays to the favour of Chisora is that eventually every boxer will have a bad day at the office, Lennox Lewis lost his title to a wonder punch and even the great Pacquiao proved he was human. So maybe fate will be kind to Chisora and he will be able to do something the more talented Haye was unable to.

Picking fighters that match their style

If the hype is anything to go by it could be a good fight, but the one thing the Klitschko brothers are good at is picking fighters that match their style. This gives them maximum advantage in the ring, even Haye could not trouble the older brother  who rarely threw a punch in anger.

The legacy the brothers have created for themselves is not glittering, on paper they have a great deal of wins but against who, journey men, has been fighters and others who are just to small to pose them any issues.

Where will Chisora fall in all this who knows, but he does have one thing in his locker and that is a punchers chance. It only takes one punch to win a fight.

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