Gill backs under fire Glazers

David Gill

David Gill

Manchester United chief executive David Gill has defended the clubs owners, after suggestions that the clubs fans hate the Americans.

The Glazers took over the club in 2005 and promptly put the club in debt, currently over £500million.

United fans have hit out at the Glazers, blaming them for the clubs lack of spending in the transfer market.

Gill, who has been chief executive throughout their reign, hit back when speaking at a House of Commons committee, insisting that the owners are doing a good job and that the club had won 7 major trophies under their ownership.

“Not everyone hates the owners,” said Gill. “They’re well-organised. They’re very domestic.

“We’ve done studies that show we have 333million followers from around the world. We get thousands of emails, we got 36,000 phone calls last month.

“(Look at) the success we’ve delivered on the pitch in the last five years – seven trophies since they’ve taken over.

“A lot of the fans want to ensure that there’s money to be spent on the team, that they come to a safe, modern stadia, that (United) play exciting, attractive football. And I think we’ve delivered on those accounts.”

Gill also defended the owners decision not to speak to the fans, leaving all communication up to boss Sir Alex Ferguson, who incidentally has imposed a media blackout for the time being.

“I can give you other examples of owners who haven’t spoken directly to the fans,” he said.

“I think the sheer size and nature of Manchester United means perhaps we get more coverage with respect to that.

“But we, as an executive team, on behalf of ourselves and the club do have extensive communications with our fans.

“We take those elements of fan communication very seriously.”

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