Gattuso agent accuses Jordan of starting fight



Disgraced AC Milan midfielder, Gennaro Gattuso’s agent, has accused Joe Jordan of starting the war of words that saw Gattuso face UEFA misconduct charges after his actions on Tuesday night.

Gattuso twice went for Jordan, and pushed him in the throat in the aftermath of Flamini’s unsavoury challenge, and then head butting Jordan at the end, who to be fair, didn’t flinch.

UEFA has responded to calls to discipline the player, who only received a yellow card during the game, and have charged the Italian with gross misconduct.

Guttuso’s agent, Clauido Pasqualin has defended his 33 year-old client, telling Radio Kiss Kiss, “What seems clear to me is that my client was seriously provoked by Joe Jordan.

“Jordan, after having continuously beaked at him, insulted him with the lowest of phrases, ‘******* Italian *******’.

“And for someone like Rino, who has a strong sense of belonging to Italy, I think this was the most cowardly of insults.”

Gattuso’s other agent, Andrea D’Amico was also quick to blame the provocation for his players actions, and claim the whole thing had been blown out of proportion.

“He was provoked, but it is also true he showed weakness by falling into that trap,” he said.

“It’s one thing to be sitting on the bench and winding people up, another to be running for an hour-and-a-half. Reactions can be dictated by tension.

“Rino apologised, above all to his own fans for the impact this has on the image of Milan and his role as captain.

“From my point of view, it is important to reaffirm some people exaggerated their criticism. Gattuso’s career speaks for itself with regards to fair play, quite aside from the competitive vigour he has always put into the sport.

“He is a very sincere and fair man, so certain comments seem over the top to me. Rino knows when you are captain of Milan there are certain duties for the club and fans, so this is why he apologised. In fact, he was a gentleman in not revealing what Joe Jordan said because when you take an attitude like that, there’s not much to say.

“Rino didn’t kill anyone. Certain comments show more about people than mistakes made. We apologise and await any disciplinary action.”

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  1. February 17, 2011 at 7:01 pm AFC Commented:

    So Gattuso was “a gentleman for not revealing what Joe Jordan said” … probably because his agent offered to tell everyone for him. And then did.

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