Formula One driver Robert Kubica airlifted to hospital after rally crash.



The crash happened at the Ronde di Andora track in Italy on Sunday.  The 26-year-old has severe injuries on his right hand, putting his career under threat for 2011, as doctors believe it will be a year until he fully recovers.

“We need a few more days to understand the full extent of the injury, but he should recuperate fairly quickly and have full use of his hand within a year,” stated Mario Igor Rossello, a surgeon at Santa Corona hospital who operated on Kubica for seven and a half hours. He was then put into an induced coma over night to relieve him of physical stress.

The driver also sustained arm and leg fractures after he crashed into a church wall due to a crash barrier penetrated the footwell of the car.

“The guard rail pierced through the car and went all the way through it,” Jakub Gerber, Kubica’s co-driver on the day told an Italian newspaper.

“I immediately saw it was serious, Robert also had a bad bruise under his eye after hitting the steering wheel. Robert passed out and I exited through the window because the door was stuck.”

They then waited an hour for specialist equipment to arrive at the scene, which then took half an hour to retrieve him from the car.

The Pole was set to lead the Renault ream with Russian driver Vitaly Petrov in Bahrain this March. It’s now likely that one of Renault’s reserve drivers, Bruno Senna or Roman Grosjean, neither of whom have much Formula One experience, will be asked to step up in Kubica’

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