Footballers “most likely to have motoring convictions”

Footballers are known for their expensive cars

Footballers are known for their expensive cars, the car insurance company, recently revealed that of all the professions, footballers are the most likely to have motoring convictions. studied their data and also conducted a study, the results of which were astounding. The study found that “almost a third of footballers [they] have on cover have points on their license” which is more than double the national average.

28.9% of professional footballers have driving convictions of some sort. This topped the list, in which riggers, sound engineers, cameramen, and travelling salesmen followed behind.

There have been a number of high profile footballers gaining driving convictions in recent times, including Ledley King who received a 56 day speeding ban for driving 105mph, while his Tottenham Hotspur team mate Jermaine Defoe was once banned for six months for doing 81mph in a 50mph zone.

At the other end of the table au pairs were the least likely to have received a driving conviction, with just 1.9% having had any. These were followed unsurprisingly by driving examiners.

The national average for driving convictions across the board is 12.2%, while footballers are, statistically, 15 times more likely to have a driving conviction than au pairs.

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