Football: The Beautiful Game And The World Economy

Football stars moving to the corners of the globe

Football stars moving to the corners of the globe

The global economy may not be in the best condition at the moment with the threat of another recession the situation is very bad, but as the recent players’ strike in Italy reveals, the football world sails on without a worry and unaware that there is anything to worry about.

Sport moves against weakened European economy

The fact is sport does move against the weakened European economy and the surprising move of Samuel Eto’o from the mighty Inter Milan to the corner of Russia backs up the claim.

Eto’o, who is at his peak, will become the world’s richest player with his move into the world of Russian football. However, his transfer to the edges of the world is not unique in fact it is becoming increasingly popular among top players.

Ronaldinho has himself moved back to his country Brazil, despite being at the back end of his career he is by no means finished. The transfer back to his home has highlighted the growing economic strength that Brazilian clubs have when compared with the rest of the world.

The facts are that Brazil’s economy is going from strength to strength whereas Europe’s economies are battling to keep their heads out of the water. The money which controls the game is also heading in the same direction as proven by the recent big money buys.

The centre of football remains in Europe

Players are not the only ones taking advantage of the money, clubs are also getting themselves included. By buying these big names for big money, these clubs are trying to buy their way into success.

But the reality is that the old clubs are proving to be strong and resilient in the face of these big name buys, and the true centre of club football remains in Europe. The Champions League plays testament to the fact that the interest and football power still remains in the region facing major economical issues.

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