Flower takes parting shot at departing KP



England coach Andy Flower took a frustrated final parting shot at England’s main man, Kevin Pieterson as he flew home for a hernia operation half way through the World Cup.

Flower said he had hoped Pieterson would “take painkillers when needed and bite the bullet” to play on till the end of the World Cup, but saw his star player fly home instead.

Pieterson has been suffering from a hernia problem throughout the tournament and was already scheduled to miss the IPL season and have an operation at the end of the World Cup but has flown home as the problem has become too painful.

Speaking to the Daily Mail, Flower said, “The timing is not ideal because we are in the middle of the World Cup.

“We had very clear medical advice that this hernia problem Kevin’s got wouldn’t get significantly worse and he was at no risk of damaging himself further.

“He wasn’t going to tear anything so we hoped he would get through the tournament okay, take painkillers when needed and bite the bullet.

“Kevin says it has got worse, pain-wise, and he can’t carry on playing like this. So it was a pretty simple decision to replace him.

“I empathise with anyone with a serious injury. You never know exactly what they’re feeling, so you’ve got to listen to what they’re saying.

Pieterson has opened with Andrew Strauss throughout the tournament, and the pair have played well together, leaving Strauss in need of a new partner.

Eoin Morgan has been called up in KPs place.

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