Fergie proud of his teams determination

alex ferguson

alex ferguson

Manchester United boss Sir Alex Ferguson has praised his sides determination, and admitted the nature of the Premier League has changed over the years.

United have only lost twice this season, and once in the league to Wolves, and are still in contention for the treble.

Despite their league position and positions late in the FA Cup and Champions League, United have been criticised for being well below their best this season.

Ferguson defended his team, but admitted that many of the other teams in the league had improved, making it so much harder to dominate.

“People have not stopped criticising us. It’s as if we don’t play well,” he told a French newspaper.

“But at home we have been fantastic. Away from home it is different.

“The big four have had to cope with the emergence of Manchester City and Tottenham.

“Any team now believes they have a chance against the big clubs. That was not necessarily the case five or six years ago. We are in danger anywhere.”

Fergie also hailed the family like squad he has, as they battle to win their 19th league title.

He added: “Our current group refuses defeat. We never give up. I rely on players like Giggs and Scholes to bring those values, but also ones who have been here five or six years.

“Evra, Ferdinand, Vidic, Van der Sar, Carrick belong to the same family. That is why we are not easy to beat.

“I don’t know many teams in the world with such determination.”

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