FC United keeper Sam Ashton scores from his own six yard box (Video here)

Sam Ashton

Sam Ashton

FC United of Manchester keeper Sam Ashton scored with a 107 yard shot, from his own six yard box, in today’s 4-0 win over Retford in the Northern Premier League.

The keeper, who plays for the breakaway team created by plans unhappy at Manchester United’s sale to the Glazers, cleared a pass back long up the pitch and it bounced over the opposing goal keepers head and into the net.

Ashton is becoming a hero to his club, having saved a last minute Brighton penalty in the FA cup earlier this season.

“It was really windy, Scott McManus passed the ball back and I just wanted to get something on it because the pitch was awful,” said Ashton.

“Then after I hit it I thought: ‘That’s going in, that!’ Their keeper had come out to clear the ball but it bounced over his head and rolled into the empty net. The lads are telling me it was a fluke but it wasn’t – I meant it.”

Many more performances like this and Manchester United themselves may be interested in the player.

Have you seen a goal from further away?

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