Extreme Sports: Bodin Wins Snowmobile Jumping Competition



Top snowmobilers came to Chicago’s famous baseball stadium Wrigley Field for the Red Bull Fuel + Fury freestyle contest. The contest is just one of several extreme sports events that Red Bull has become famous for putting on. The contest involved doing extreme jumps and tricks on snowmobiles. Daniel Bodwin, a two time Winter X 2011 gold medallist, won the event against six other snowmobilers, doing a new trick he called the “Shoalin Backflip”. Rounding out the medallists was Heath Frisby who took second place and Jimmy Fejes who took third. As was fitting given the venue, baseball player Ernie Banks gave Bodin his trophy.

No snow

This year marks the first time the event, which was founded in 2003, has taken place in a major city. The jumps the competitors used were built with dirt, turf and woodchips as there was no snow yet in the city. The winner Daniel Bodin said even with the lack of real snow, he had a good time and that the crowds were great. He went on to say: “To get a first place win, I mean, it’s the best start to the season. Now I want to go more, harder, stronger and kill it this year.”


The competition was hosted by seven time Winter X Games medallist Levi LaVallee and judged by Drake McElroy, Dylan Harju, Paul Thacker, Jack Rowe and Greg Hartman. As well as the second and third place finishers Bodin competed against Cory Davis, Fred Rasmussen, Ted Culbertson, and Jeff Mullin. Bodin has already achieved something of a legendary status due to his world record breaking backflip on a snowmobile in 2008, which was the longest ever recorded at 147 feet long. In the past the event has taken place in Jackson, Wyoming, Milwaukee, Wisconsin and Alaska much to the delight of crowds.

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