England: FA Considering Redknapp

Potential England Manager

Potential England Manager

The Football Association has come out and announced that Harry Redknapp could be offered the England managers position next week, the FA are offering Redknapp almost £2.5m less than they Capello received during his time as coach. Late last week the FA drew up a short list of possible candidates to that over the role relinquished by the Italian Fabio Capello.


However it seems as though the recession is taking its toll on the FA as Harry Redknapp will be offered £4million a year contract to replace Capello, but Spurs could demand £5million to let him go. Previous manager Capello was on  salary of £6.5million, and during his time he amassed a total salary of £24million.

FA Chariman David Bernstein set out a list of necessary criteria for the position to be filled, with the number one requirement that the replacement to be English. However he also stressed that the new boss will be paid a competitive rate regardless of nationality. He commented that the FA will not be doing anything on the cheap and they will pay the proper market rate for the right person for the position.

Redknapp will be offered a less profitable rate but a salary which will return bigger incentives for success. However this all depends on whether Spurs agree to release him from the remaining 17 months left on his contract. If they do, Redknapp could be given the job on a short-term basis to cover Euro 2012, after which he would be able to return to White Hart Lane.

Redknapp the fans and players favourite

Bernstein refused to comment as to whether Redknapp was his number one target, amongst football fans and English players he is the favourite. He did go on to say that there is a preference of an Englisman who is experienced as they would be able take control of the national side at a much quicker rate. During the middle of last week Redknapp commented on the potential offer saying that he hasn’t thought about England, and that his main concern is the league as Tottenham are pushing the two Manchester teams.

Whilst there is no permanent England manager, Bernstein confirmed that England’s under-21 coach Stuart Pearce will be taking on a caretaker role for the friendly against Holland on 29th February. Although not a perfect run up to the friendly, it will allow football to take the top spot.

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