Defoe dreams of Champions League final

Defoe Dreaming

Defoe Dreaming

Tottenham’s Jermain Defoe is dreaming of the Champions League final at Wembley, and sees no reason why his club can’t go all the way.

The Spurs striker spoke to the Daily Express ahead of tonight’s last 16 first leg tie away in Milan and he insists he is taking it one game at a time.

Defoe has admitted that he has allowed himself to get carried away in dreams, and has already thought about beating AC Milan on the way to a final against Barcelona on 28th May at his national sides home.

“Wow, can you imagine? A Spurs-Barcelona final… Imagine the fans. It would be amazing.

“Once you get through to the quarters, and we are not yet looking past AC Milan, then I believe anything can happen.

“You would approach a quarter-final like a final; win that and you’re in the semis. So yes, it’d be crazy if we can get that far and even go on. You never know with knockout football, there are always shocks over the years.”

Defoe is aware of the threat Milan pose to his dream, but doesn’t fear a midweek trip to the San Siro, having already been once this season against Inter.

He added: “It’s a game I believe we can win. No, there is no fear. If you’re scared, then you might as well not go. What’s there to be scared of? I’m playing with good players, I’m not scared. And I know – I’m not sure, I know – the rest of the boys are confident because of the way we’re playing.

“AC Milan are a great side, look at the times they’ve won the Champions League, and have good experience.

“But the way they play, the Italian League is slower than the Premier League, everyone knows that. If we go there and play with the same intensity we do in the Premier League, press with a high tempo, then maybe we’ll cause them a lot of problems. And especially the way we play, the way we break, the legs and the pace we’ve got in the team, I believe we can go there and win.”

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