David Beckham: Olympic Glory

Beckham Hoping For Olympic Glory

Beckham Hoping For Olympic Glory

The new Paris St-Germain star was already made it clear that he would like to be one of the older players in the Great Britain football squad for next year’s Olympic games. But as his mega money contract with LA Galaxy comes to an end he is not sure where the road will take him next, despite signing for the top French side that will put him back in the Champions League.

World Cup glory

The Olympic games will be Beckham’s last chance for a much sought after international title after his England career did not provide him with either World Cup glory or a European Championship, despite playing in a squad that was vastly talented including the likes of Scholes, Shearer, Owen, Rooney and other revered Premiership players.

The 36-year-old has been in the Philippines as part of his week-long Asian tour by LA Galaxy, and it has been during this trip that he revealed his uncertainty over his future and what he is planning on doing.

Beckham has always been proud to wear the England shirt, and has tried to stretch his England career as long as he possibly could. He has also been a player for the big game making an impression in some form, who can forget his red card during the Argentina match in the World Cup or his free kick against Greece to allow England to play in the Euro’s.

With the Olympics to take place in London and venues across the UK, there may be no better chance for the midfielder to pick up international glory in his country in front of his fans and fellow countrymen.

The football team for the Olympic tournament is usually for the younger generations of players, but the rules for next year’s summer games dictate that only three players born before the 1st of January 1989 can be included.

Firm favourites

The GB team will be a very talented one, one the possibility of including Tottenham’s Gareth Bale and Aaran Ramsey both of whom play for Wales. With all players having major experience of the conditions, stadiums and fans it would make the GB team one of the firm favourites.

It would be a shame for Beckham to not be in the squad and it will definitely be less interesting without him, the prospect of him coming on as a late substitute to take a control as the teams dead ball specialist will only add to the drama many are expecting the games to be surrounded by.

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