Dalglish more interested that restoring Anfield form than stopping records being broken



Manchester United travel to Liverpool this weekend with their sights well and truly set on a record breaking 19th Premier League title.

United and Liverpool currently have 18 titles each, and Alex Ferguson has added 11 of those since he took charge in 1986.

Liverpool legend, Kenny Dalglish, who was in charge the last time Liverpool won a league title in 1991 is back in the hot seat now, but is not concerned about United beating Liverpool’s record.

Dalglish is more concerned with returning Liverpool to their former glories, and helping the club get back in to the Champions League.

“We want to help ourselves first. If we help ourselves and it hinders somebody else then that’s not our problem, that’s theirs,” said Dalglish, who will be 60 this week.

“As we always say, you can control an awful lot of your own destiny and not someone else’s.

“If we concentrate on ourselves and prepare as well as we can, then whatever eventualities come from that, fine.

“If we get a result on Sunday it is more helpful to us than it is harmful to them.

“It never does anyone any harm to win a game. Obviously the three points would be very welcome.

“What they would bring for ourselves and the future, we just don’t know.”

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