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Crouch out for Final revenge



Peter Crouch revealed he still has unfinished business with AC Milan, after being part of the Liverpool side that lost 2-0 to Milan in the final in 2007.

Now a Tottenham star, Crouch is hoping to shake off a back injury in time to gain some revenge over his previous conquerors. Crouch didn’t start the final, despite having a fine scoring record during that season in Europe, and admitted to the Sun that the decision still hurts him.

“Looking back, it was an achievement to get to the final and I’m very proud we did that – but I was very angry and disappointed not to start,” said Crouch.

“I’d scored seven in the Champions League that year, was our top scorer in all competitions and I felt good.

“I was expecting to play and was really disappointed when I found I was on the bench.

“I genuinely believe that, although Milan were a fantastic team, we could have beaten them so it was frustrating that I didn’t get more of a chance.

“It was still a great achievement to get to the final with the players and the teams that are in the Champions League. But the loser’s medal isn’t quite what you are looking for.

“I have the medal on display but it’s tucked in behind the FA Cup winner’s medal I got when we beat West Ham the year before.

“It’s true I look back on it with regrets.

“I think we could have won it and it still hurts that I didn’t get enough chance on the pitch. There’s some unfinished business for me against them, without a doubt.”

Crouch is confident Spurs can go to Milan and get a positive result and he is expecting an exciting encounter in Italy.

“Of course we believe. Every time we go out we expect to win,” added Crouch.

“People are looking at Spurs in a very different way now. They know we are a threat. AC Milan v Spurs in the Champions League has a real excitement about it.

“The European nights, particularly at White Hart Lane this season, have been fantastic.

“We’ve raised our game in the big matches and I think any player who loves football would want to watch this game.

“We’ve tried to cut out the unpredictability of Tottenham, where we are great one day and terrible the next.

“There was a little bit of a stigma about when we went away from home, where other teams thought they could get into us and upset us. We’ve tried to get away from that.

“We’ve gone to difficult places and won games. Certainly last year and this year as well.”

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