Cricket: Have The Matches Become Meaningless

Test Cricket legend Tendulkar

Test Cricket legend Tendulkar

Putting Test Match cricket under the microscope shows that one day last seven hours, and this can be more since in the modern time over rates are considered. One match lasts for five days, and it is only supported by those individuals who like watching Test cricket.

Twenty Twenty

However a battle has started about which version of the game should be considered as the best in what it offers. Test cricket is like a piece of classical music which never gets old and never loses its appeal, but with everyone looking for faster things it seems that the sport has to also adapt.

At the minute tweny twenty cricket is the competition that has got many people interested in the sport, this form of cricket lasts for around 3 hours in total it is almost certain that there will be a winner at the end of it.

The game is full of action as the batting side will have 120 balls to score runs as quickly as they can, this creates amazing action as the batting side will attack the bowling like there is no tomorrow. Moreover, the shortest form in the game allows fans and spectators to really get the teams, cheering, singing and playing instruments.

But for fans of cricket that appreciate technique and refined skill, Test cricket can never be replaced as it is the battleground for some of the best players to ever participate in the sport. If it wasn’t for Test cricket we would have never seen Anil Kumble bowling out the Pakistan side on his own, nor would we have witnessred Brian Lara’s highest total in any form of the international game.

No one can debate that there is a little more class with Test Matches, which at times can be much more aggressive and that anger usually brings a high standard of cricket until the next mini battle is started by players.

Real personal competition

Unfortunately the shorter forms of the game do not allow real personal competition to take place as the game is over before you know it and on the whole the surfaces that have been put together by grounds man have increasing in favour of batting sides as the entertainment many come to see is batting related.

Chasing down a big score is much more dramatic than seeing both teams bowl themselves out really quickly. This has also meant that the boundaries have been made smaller, to cater for the entertainment rather than the sport.

Test cricket can never be replaced, but just like it is out of fashion now, at some point if will come back in favour.

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