Cricket: England is on top of the world

Skipper of the best team in the world

Skipper of the best team in the world

England captain and opening batsman, Andrew Strauss, has made a stern warning to his team that they must not under any circumstance relax until they have been presented with the big ICC gold and silver mace, which signifies that they are the best test team in the world.

Reaching the top

An honour so big and sought after is not to be taken lightly and the England skipper wants his players to understand what they have achieved and the struggle they went through to reach the top.

 Although Strauss is right to try and get his message across to his players, the problem he faces is that his team will not be putting on their whites for six months at which point he may have to reiterate his words again.

For the next few months England will be playing one-day cricket in both its forms. With their next run in the test arena in February against Pakistan in the Gulf.

“The greatest pitfall is feeling like you have done it all. I’d be a bit disappointed if the side fell into that trap. It’s not what we’re about as a unit. We were confident we could win both Test series against Sri Lanka and India this summer but what exceeded our expectations was how well individuals played.”

He went on to say: “That was impressive and a great springboard for future success.”

Hit an all time high in public estimation

In Britain cricket comes in behind Football and recently has been coming behind the Olympics next year and after the success the England cricket team have had this summer it is at the forefront of sporting achievement in the country and it has hit an all time high in public estimation.

Cricket has become such a force it is being used in the form of ‘street cricket’  to calm the sort of youngsters who were involved in the riots and looting. The final test at the Oval was kind off a dead match with the series already decided but it was a sell out on all five days, something not often heard of in England.

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