Coyle feels for Everton boss Moyes

Coyle Moyes

Coyle Moyes

Bolton Wanderers manager Owen Coyle has offered his support to Everton manager Moyes, after the two were opponents on Sunday for Bolton’s 2-0 victory over Everton.

Moyes responded to his team conceding two goals to Gary Cahill and Chelsea loanee Daniel Sturridge by labelling the performance the worst of his 9 years in charge.

Moyes has done a fantastic job at Everton and is held in high regard around the footballing world and Owen Coyle was the first to stick up for his fellow Scot.

“I know there’s been a bit made of Everton being poor on the day, and by David’s standards they probably were, but I think you have to give tremendous credit to my players.

“Everton were only as good as they were allowed to be because of the intensity we played at.

“When we’re out there trying to win games, then of course our focus is on the game, but obviously you feel for him (Moyes) because of the circumstances, with the finance and everything else.

“But Everton will go and win points, they’ll pick themselves up again because of the quality they have as players, but, more than that, the quality they have in their manager.”

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