Chelsea won’t sack Ashley Cole over shooting

ashley cole

ashley cole

Chelsea boss Carlo Ancelotti has revealed he never once contemplated sacking England international Ashley Cole, after the left back shot a work placement student.

The Chelsea defender was dealt with internally after accidentally shooting a 21 year-old with an air rifle at the clubs training ground in Cobham.

The student was treated by the clubs medical staff for the wound and didn’t need to go to hospital.

Ashley had pointed the gun at the student, claiming he had no idea it was loaded.

Blues boss Ancelotti confirmed that Cole would be part of his first team plans for tonight’s match against Manchester United at Stamford Bridge, and had already faced internal discipline.

He also argues that he had dealt with the situation in the best way possible, and that there was no need for any further action.

Speaking to the Daily Star, Ancelotti said, “It was an accident. What do we have to do now? Kill him? No. We have to support him.

“There was never any chance of him being sacked. Ashley made a mistake.

“I have spoken with him and he was really disappointed with this. He’s always put in very good behaviour here. He made a mistake and he knows this.

“Now we have to move. When a player says, ‘Sorry, I made a mistake’, it’s difficult to do otherwise.”

I guess the question remains. What on earth does a football club need rifles at a training ground for?

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