Chelsea: Torres Not For Sale

Fernando Torres

Fernando Torres

Chelsea’s manager Andre Villas-Boas has brushed off reports that Fernando Torres will be sold for £20 million in a Christmas deal. The Spanish international was purchased by the London club from Liverpool for a record deal worth £50 million, since his arrival his performances have been a little bit hit and miss and in truth has failed to make the same impact he had done for Liverpool.

Winter transfer window

With the winter transfer window about to open it would be surprising if he was to leave, as Chelsea are already set to lose Nicolas Anelka and there are rumours that Drogba may also be on his way out. This will mean the team pushing for the Premiership and Champion’s League a few seasons ago will look bare in the strike options.

The Spaniard has only been at the club for a little more than a year and has been desperately trying to find some form to get himself out of the baron spell, but has failed miserably on the whole only showing glimpses of his former ability.

This week there were suggestions that he could be put on the market with at the price of £20 million. These claims however, have been widely disregarded by Boas who wasted little time in slamming the rumours.

Boas has insisted that the 27-year-old has a massive future at the club as they continue to make steps to get back into contention for the Premiership and along with Arsenal are the only British club in the Champions League.

The reality is that very rarely do clubs openly reveal if top players will be leaving, it is more likely that a deal will be in place and the club will keep it hidden until negotiations reach a point where both parties will agree.

The transfer window will no doubt have some shocks, as it always does. But the worrying thing for Torres is that in the year he has been at the club he has only scored 5 goals, which means that the his 5 goals have cost £10 million each.

Warning to all prospective clubs

This is not really the return contenders for all the major competitions would have been hoping from the striker purchased to spearhead their attack. His options although not limited are not going to be full of top clubs, as this one failure will send a warning to all prospective clubs.

If he is sold then, there is the big possibility he will need to take a massive pay cut for any clubs to agree to his signature. Every player is as only as good as his last performance at his last club, and for Torres his performance at Chelsea speaks volumes.

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