Boxing: Pacquiao V Marquez III

Pacquiao V Marquez

Pacquiao V Marquez

Manny Pacquiao the pound for pound champion of the world has contradicted the sport of boxing, by saying that he prays no one gets hurt when he fights Juan Manual Marquez for the third time at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas this weekend. The first two battles between the two have ended in a win for the Pac Man and a draw, but both were disputed leaving a bad taste in the mouths of both fighters.

Fire burning

The first two fights have only added to the fire burning inside Pacquiao, with his trainer saying that a knockout will be the correct ending to the fight, and if it occurs it will only do its part to show the Filipino’s dominance in the boxing world.

Nacho Beristain, the 68-year-old Hall of Fame trainer who has overseen the careers of 23 world champions including Marquez, has said that he believed the Pac-Man will pose the biggest challenge to his challenger.

It is well known that Pacquiao will be fighting with the support of the Philippines as well as his many fans across the world, his fast hands and willingness to throw punches from round one make him a dangerous opponent over the entire fight.

The shadow hanging around Pacquiao in the shape of Floyd Mayweather has also come out and said that the Filipino has been fighting his cast-offs. His interest in the Pac-Man is promising for boxing fans who would like to see the two meet in a fight of a generation and a fight that will re-ignite the boxing world.

Marquez has been saying that he won the first two fights, trying to rattle the cage of the champion who is unrelenting in his desire to win comprehensively to confirm his place at the top.


Pacquiao (53-3-2) and Marquez (52-5-1) have come face to face in their pre-fight event, but it didn’t deliver the fireworks reminiscent of Tyson and Lewis, in fact both fighters praised each other in the press conference at the Hollywood Theatre.

Although Filipino is usually quite reserved before the fight and never attempts to show any disrespect to his opponent, it is well known that he is not the biggest fan of either Marquez or Mayweather, and this makes the actual fight all the more promising.

“I’m always praying. Not praying for myself, but for all the fighters who are going to fight on Saturday, especially my opponent, that nobody will get hurt. Well, I mean badly hurt,” said Pacquiao.

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