Boxing: Pacquiao By Majority Decision

Still The Pound-for-Pound Champion

Still The Pound-for-Pound Champion

With all the hype surrounding the rivalry between Manny Pacquiao and his kryptonite Juan Manual Marquez, there would have been a strong case of the fight being a damp squid since. However, it could not have been different with the latest battle being entertainment of the best kind as neither fighter was able to truly dominate the other.


The Pac-Man had entered the MGM Grand Garden on Saturday as the best pound-for-pound boxer in the world, there are still many that think Mayweather is the champion in this regard and after the fight it would appear that those people could be right.

Pacquiao won on a split decision after the talk of a glittering one sided victory due in part to the Pac-Man making improvements to his game in the time since the last fight, it seemed that this fight could have fought immediately after the previous one.

One judge couldn’t call the fight scoring the fight 114-114, two other judges scored in the Filipino’s favour with 115-113 and 116-112.

Marquez made it clear that he felt he’d been robbed in the previous two fights and after the third battle he is considering giving up the sport after he called the result ‘the worst decision of them all’. The Mexican ran the champion closer than any other fighter has been able to in recent years, but in a turn that could be very interesting there is the possibility the two could meet again after a rematch had been suggested by the Filipino and his camp.

What would this mean to the biggest fight in history with Mayweather Jnr, who knows, this fight only reconfirmed the step up Pacquiao would need to take to cope with the American who has a habit of picking apart boxers at will, take Hatton for example where he used two timely punches to send the Englishmen crashing to the canvas twice.


Pacquiao would be better off avoiding the Mexican, who has been on the cusp of victory and a loss to Marquez will not be the best outcome at this stage in the career of the man that plans to be the President of the Philippines at some point in the future.

The change in fate is that if Mayweather saw the fight he may well be tempted to enter it once again, the biggest fight boxing has ever seen would be well deserved on the two pound-for-pound kings. Fight fans will be crossing their fingers that it will happen sooner than later.

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