Boxing: Mayweather Jr. And His Vacations

Mayweather and his vacations

Mayweather and his vacations

Arguably the pound for pound champion of the world Floyd Mayweather Jr. (41-0-0) has a reputation for giving the media fuel and stories, but the one part of his personality which seems to frustrate his fans and the boxing world is his appetite for holidays and taking time away from his day to day life.

Holidays after fights

The common trend that has followed Mayweather Jr. is his announcements immediately after fights that he needs to take a small amount of time away. However, these are never small, not weeks or months but a lot longer.

There has been much debate about the true pound for pound great, especially when in this era of boxing there are quite possibly two of the best fighters ever to walk into a boxing ring. This has created such interest and excitement over a possible fight with Manny Pacquiao (53-3-2), that the mention of a fight draws masses to a loose rumour.

It goes without saying that almost everyone is happy to see Mayweather Jr. back after announcing his fight with Victor Ortiz (29-2-2). During the build-up to this fight, which as long as Mayweather Jr. is a part of will always be entertaining, has seen Floyd mention Pacquiao many times as even he wants the fight to go ahead.

Provided Mayweather Jr. gets through the Ortiz fight then he has said that Pacquiao will be his next opponent. The problem will then be if Mayweather Jr, decides to take one of his so called ‘short’ holidays. With Pacquiao interested in another life outside boxing, it would be a shame if he retires before his gets in the ring with Mayweather Jr.

But Mayeather Jr. had tried previously to make the fight happen and it was Pacquiao and his camp that couldn’t agree on the pre-fight tests that the Mayweather camp were requesting.

Interest is peaking

So should it be a surprise if the fight does not happen? Well no. Or is Mayweather Jr. picking the right time, when interest is peaking and the fight purse will be great deal more.

As fans we can only hope the fight comes to fruition, a battle of not just two boxing champions but two of boxings greats.

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