Boxing: Chisora And Haye Brawl At Press Conference

Haye and Chisora face-off at press conference

Haye and Chisora face-off at press conference

Vitali Klitschko defended his WBC heavyweight belt against Dereck Chisora on Saturday, but while the fight was a typical Kiltschko showing the press conference afterwards saw much more action. Klitschko defeated the Londoner on points, in a fight that saw the Ukranian having to work extremely hard to win.

With the slap at the pre-fight conference the chaos before and after the actual fight and the Wladimir Klitschko Chisora showdown, it seemed as if everything other than the fight was more entertaining for boxing fans with Chisora losing a part of his £100,000 purse.

Turn for the worse

The post fight conference where the fighters usually give their impression on the battle took a turn for the worse, which many could say was to be expected with the way the rest of the press conferences had gone.

Haye and Chisora got into a brawl after Haye gate crashed the conference, Chisora was later arrested  for his part in the violence that took place. He was questioned for several hours but was let go by the German police.

Chisora is a man with prior convictions for public order offences, which have included assaulting a police officer and assaulting his girlfriend at the time. He was also convicted for being in possession of an offensive weapon.

Chisora has also kissed and bitten opponents before fights. His press conference was reminiscent of those that took place in the past, including the Mike Tyson and Lennox Lewis pre-fight brawl where Lewis was allegedly bitten by Tyson.

The older Klitschko brother notched up another victory as the brothers continue beating every challenger put their way. Haye was at the fight, and was attempting to push the Ukranian to get into the ring with him after recently announcing he was coming out of retirement.

The heavyweight division which once took the top spot in any boxing bill has fallen short in recent times. With the fighter such as Floyd Mayweather Junior, Manny Pacquiao, Oscar De La Hoya, Ricky Hatton and even Amir Khan increasing the attention on the lower divisions.

The fight in 2007 between Mayweather and De La Hoya was the most profitable ever with $120 million generated in revenue.

Six month ban

Robert Smith, general secretary of the British Boxing Board of Control, said that British pair would be appearing in front of a disciplinary panel and most likely be punished for the events that took place. He is suggesting that both fighters could face a suspension, with a ban of six months looking likely.

The police are also looking to question Haye, but he was nowhere to be seen. While the mayhem does not put British heavyweight boxing in the most positive light, it might have ignited a spark that was missing once the Klitschko brothers became champions. There were suggestions of follow-up fights with the brothers and Haye and Chisora.

But it would seem that those fights will come after the Chisora and Haye war that is no doubt set to take place.

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