Blackpool’s DJ Campbell apologises for losing his head.

DJ Campbell

DJ Campbell

Blackpool striker DJ Campbell has apologised for losing his head and getting sent off in his team’s 4-0 defeat to Wolves yesterday.

Campbell raised both his hands to the throat of Wolves player, Richard Stearman, after being provoked by his opponent, and deserved to see his straight red card.

The players had been challenging for a ball from a throw in, before squaring up to each other in a debate that looked like they had both made something out of nothing.

Campbell lost his head and reacted badly, costing his team severely. At that point Blackpool were only 1-0, but went on to lose 4-0 with a one man disadvantage.

Speaking to the fans via his Twitter feed, DJ tweeted, “I’ve let my team mates and you guys down.

“I know I play with too much passion but that’s how I am. Wish I could take it back.”

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