Birmingham Content with FA Charge

Birmingham set for FA hearing

Birmingham set for FA hearing

Birmingham have accepted the FA’s charge in relation to them failing to prevent spectators from invading the pitch following their Carling Cup encounter against Aston Villa in December.

Birmingham are being charged after their fans stormed the pitch in celebration before taunting the Aston Villa supporters located at the away fans section.

The police at the game were forced to intervene after missiles and flares were thrown at the Villa fans to keep the two sets of supporters apart.

Birmingham are now scheduled for an FA hearing on the 28th of March after they pleaded guilty to the charge.

The club released the following statement; ”The club continues its close work with the police with a view to identifying those responsible for threatening to tarnish the reputation of the club and Birmingham City’s image.

“Acting chairman Peter Pannu takes this opportunity to remind all fans that similar incidents should not occur again and is confident we have all learned a lesson from it – both the club and those who breached the rules.

“Club officials would like to thank the FA for their assistance and communication prior to and during the investigation.”


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