Beijing: Snowboarding Championship

Taking the sport to the next level

Taking the sport to the next level

China is hosted an eye catching Ticket to Ride air and style event which brought together the best snowboarders from around the globe. The spectacle took place in Beijing’s Bird’s Nest on Saturday evening for a one-night-only aerial display.

Olympic Stadium

The Bird’s Nest which was the nations Olympic stadium has been put to use for the event which hosted a competition that was equal parts style and spectacle, a big crowd of supporters, fans, family and professionals watched the snowboarders take their sport to the next level.

Looking around the world, the current trend for winter sports venues are indoors. The fact that the conditions stay consistent and there is no chance for fast weather changes mean that the event holders can be sure to please their fans and also provide a better display by tailoring the venue to what is required.

The organizers of the event were Oakley and Shaun White Air and Style exhibition, they constructed a snow-covered ramp 50 metres high from which snowboarders launched themselves from to showcase their sport and the evolution of tricks and skills the professionals now employ.

Traditionally winter sports were held on mountain slopes across North America and Europe, but big time snowboarding with large numbers of spectators has been brought to the Bird’s Nest in China.

This is the second year the event has taken place, with sports apparel sponsor Oakley and extreme athlete Shawn White coming together to bring it back to the heart of Asia. 24 of the world’s best snowboarders competed against each other in what was a dramatic and action packed atmosphere.

Despite the temperature being colder than the Chinese are usually used to, they soon forgot about it after becoming immersed in the highly skilled athletes on display.

The very top professionals were matched up in a one-on-one showdowns which ended in a last-four super final. Sebastian Toutant who came from Canada could not defend the title he had won last year after being knocked out in the second round.


The 2011 winner came from Norway, Ulrik Badertscher fought through to end up in the top position after utilising what was a very creative last dash manoeuvre. He said: “It’s hard to come down…because you are spinning and flipping at the same time.”

Snowboarding is a sport that is growing in favour, with it becoming more accessible through indoor facilities more children will be able to take on the sport. However, the entertainment that surrounds the sport cannot be denied.

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