Arsene back on the attack as Barca brand Fabregas signing unfair



Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger has gone straight back on the attack again as his war of words with Barcelona looks set to continue for another summer.

Barcelona, who are still fuming from when Arsenal signed the youngster from under their noses when he was just 16, have claimed it would be justice if the player returned to play for Barcelona this summer.

Spanish rules prevented Barcelona from signing the player so young, but different rules in England meant they could swoop in and bring him to the capital.

Arsene Wenger as always had an argument up his sleeve in the form of one Lionel Messi.

“Where do they get their players? Where does Messi come from? Barcelona? At what age did they take him? Twelve years old,” argued Wenger.

“There’s no reason for any bitterness because we did nothing illegal. We did not force a gun somewhere.

“We respected the rules. They could take our players, we accept that.

“They take their players from all over the world. Don’t expect them only to get players from Catalonia.”

Arsene also refuted any suggestion that Cesc Fabregas may not be 100% right in the mind to play the club he publically asked to join.

“Cesc will approach it as he approaches every game – with a huge desire to win,” added Wenger.

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