Ancelotti denies Wilkins departure has affected team morale.



It’s starting to look a little more than coincidence that Chelsea have stopped playing well since Ray Wilkins departed the club last year.

When Wilkins left the club they were top of the league with a good lead and looked the best team in the league.

Since Wilkins left, Chelsea have dropped out of both domestic cups, sunk to fifth in the league and resume their Champions League duties this week desperately short of form and confidence.

Ancelotti however denies the problems are down to Wilkins departure, and claims team morale is still just as good.

Ancelotti is still convinced that he has the full backing of his players, and told the Daily Mail newspaper, “I don’t believe they have lost confidence in me.

“It’s the same; with Ray and without Ray. We have lost confidence because we have not been able to do the things we want to do on the pitch.

“Look, the players might seem to be interested in things that happen away from the pitch, outside the training ground, but they are not so interested, I don’t think. They want to win football matches.

“The relationship between the manager and the players is the most important thing. To have a good feeling. It doesn’t mean that for the manager everything is OK.

“But I am happy because, just as the staff with Ray was good, the staff without Ray is also good.”

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