Amir Khan: Not Ready For Mayweather

British champions loses to points loss

British champions loses to points loss

Arguably the best pound-for-pound boxer in Britain at the moment Amir Khan has lost out to Lamont Peterson in a shock points defeat, in the process losing his WBA and IBF light-welterweight titles in a high energy fight that took place in the Washington DC.

Khan had been preparing for a potential bout with Floyd Mayweather, but the defeat will end any possible pressure on the American class act as a Khan has no belts to tempt the undefeated boxer that many claim is the true pound-for-pound king despite Manny Pacquiao holding that title.

Mayweather and Pacquiao

A fight with Mayweather and Pacquiao is exciting fight fans but with all the games being played and refusal of  blood test from the Pacquiao camp, it would appear that any possible meeting of the two no matter how lucrative is a long way off from being a certainty.

Two of the judges had penalised Khan for pushing and when the final scores were added this proved crucial, the fight was scored 113-112, 113-112,111-114 for the Lamont. Khan started well, sending his opponent to the mat in the opening round, but the American local man launch a barrage of attacks in the third and seventh rounds sending Khan on the back foot.

Khan did his best to collect himself and he did recover, but he lost the another point in the final round and this proved to be absolutely decisive to the final result. The fighter originally from Bolton had complained of an unfair referee, echoing complaints another British fighter had raised when fighting Mayweather a few years ago.

There were suggestions before the fight that Khan was looking to move up to welterweight after the 25-year-old had been frustrated by attempts to secure unification bouts with Timothy Bradley and Erik Morales who are the WBC and WBO champions respectively.


Khan was given plenty of warnings but his lack of discipline has cost him his belts, this has also dented any hoped he had of getting Mayweather in the ring with him who must have hoped that he could have met him before Peterson and taken the belts.

There is an opportunity for Mayweather to forgo a huge paycheck and set after Peterson for the belts sending the controversial right in the spotlight once again, but whether this happens is another thing. With all the contracts and agents which complicate the matter with TV deals and sponsorships trying to get a man that will be able to get viewers is one thing but settling on a deal is another.

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