America de Cali: Fans Riot After Their Team Is Relegated

Columbia's top side falls into the second division

Columbia’s top side falls into the second division

Columbian football team America de Cali have been relegated from top flight football, which prompted fans to go on violent rampage in disgust. The footage recorded simply confirms the passion people have for the beautiful game in South America, to call the supporters of these teams fans is a massive injustice as they hold their teams so closely to their hearts that in good times or bad times their emotions simply get the better of them.

66 people have been arrested

Local media have reported that 66 people have been arrested by police in Cali after the soccer giant crashed out of its nation’s top level of league football, the riots have completely upset the balance in the third largest city in Columbia.

It did not take long before fans started to vent their anger and frustration over their teams 3-4 loss to second division side Patriotas, who find themselves in the position of being promoted into the first division of Columbia’s Liga Postobon. Luckily there were no fatalities, there were a dozen people who sustained injuries that required medical attention.

America de Cali is by far Columbia’s best-performing side, and they will be playing in their country’s second division after coming out second best in a two-legged play-off against Patriotas. It can only be described by using the example of Barcelona or Real Madrid being relegated to the second division in Spain.

Despite the passion and emotion when do these rapturous moments cross the line and become too much, after all when you look at the wider picture it is only football. The fact is when you look back over history, fans have squashed themselves into stadiums with passion and belief that their team will come out top in the battle that is about to ensue.

Win or lose fans will always look forward to the next match knowing that there will always be another opportunity. The problem arises when the fans have too much passion for their team, and the current riots in Columbia echo the point that a situation which is neither a life or death situation has no need to spill out on the streets and cause destruction to local businesses and the economy.

Disgracing players

All over the world you see thugs arranging fights with other teams trying to find who is more passionate, but is this really passion or a mutually explicit form of frustration they have bottled up in their lives and which has exploded out because of football.

America de Cali has been one of the best sides in  Columbia since their creation, in the intervening years they have won 13 league titles and have played in more than one Copa Libertadores final bringing pride to their city and country. The scenes that their fans have produced have gone and done the opposite, undermining their achievement and disgracing players.

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