African Cup Of Nations For Amputees: Liberia Victorious

Liberia consecutive winners of the Tournament

Liberia consecutive winners of the Tournament

The 3rd African Cup of Nations for Amputees has come to end in Ghana the host country, the final took place in Accra under the sun and much interest. Liberia played Ghana in the final, one of the few times in any major football tournament that the host country has been represented in the final, and Liberian came out on top of a penalty shoot-out was required to split the teams.


At the end of full-time the score was 3-3, and if the match was not exciting enough to end it and the entire tournament with penalties was the icing on the cake and it really highlighted the competition in this football, it was quite clear that these footballers do not let their disability get in the way.

In fact, these sportsman should serve as an inspiration to those people in society who are fortunate to have their bodies intact and still cannot find the motivation to get fit.

This was the second time Liberia had won the competition, after also winning it the year before. As such they would be hoping to make it a hat-trick when the tournament will be held in Iran next year.

The final marked the end of the 8-day tournament and prior to and during it had attempted to help fight the discrimination many feel because of being disabled. The majority of the amputees taking part in the tournament had been victims of civil wars and even land mines.

This does a little to putting football and not the events around it back in the news again, and can only help the African Cup of Nations which will take place in 2012 too.

However, the one thing the amputee tournament shows and the main tournament next year shows too is Africa despite the problems it faces through some of the worst famine ever seen and other political problems ripe in other countries, is that Africans love their football and they will play and support the game fully.


By taking the amputee tournament to the Middle-east they will once again show a country that has been the centre of attention that football can unite people.

The player of the tournament award was presented to Harrison of Liberia who no doubt played a central role in his nation winning the cup, while the top prize for goal king was given to Ghanaian forward Gyamfi.

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