Poor children too hungry to learn

Kids arrive at school starving

Kids arrive at school starving

A shocking new report has revealed that children are arriving at school on empty stomachs because their parents can’t afford to feed them.

The survey, of 160,000 teachers and lecturers from the Association of Teachers and Lecturers revealed that three out of four teachers had pupils who arrived too hungry to learn, with one revealing that a male pupil hadn’t eaten for three days as his parents couldn’t afford to feed him.

66% of teachers surveyed also believed children were turning up for lessons with worn out clothes and school uniform. Reports included one boy who was mocked by classmates for having no underpants, and another who had infected toes because his shoes were too small.

Four out of five teachers revealed they thought that poverty was affecting their students, and were worried continued cut’s would make the situation worse.

A secondary school teacher from Suffolk revealed, “A family with two or three teenage children who have one earner who loses hours, or their job, will struggle to reach the minimum income to pay for basics. This will get worse as cuts affect families.”

With such a generous benefits system in the country, some will question what the parents are spending their money on if they can’t afford to feed their children? The cost of vegetables and pasta is hardly expensive, and supermarkets now offer exceptional value on school uniforms.

Parents worried about providing for their children in the future may be interested in saving for them now, through a Junior Bond, or other children’s savings plans.

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