Over 50s plan or over 50s Ibiza Clubbers trip?

Over 50s Ibiza holiday

Over 50s Ibiza holiday

Turning 50 is already a big enough challenge for most people, as many enter denial at the prospect of the big 5 0, but people hitting the big half century are now faced with another dilemma.

Over 50s plan, or Over 50s clubbing holiday? With the news that Saga have bought themselves 500 acres of land on the party island of Ibiza, the holiday company plan to create an exclusive development that will allow the original Ibiza clubbers to relive their youth.

The Balearic island, which has been the original party island since 1987 when the 20something crowd from the UK descended on the island.

Saga hope to appeal to those original clubbers who will now be turning 50, giving them one last chance to relive their youth in a venue with an exclusive over 50s guest list.

CEO of Saga Susan Hooper said, “We always plan ahead and have evolved with our customers, so ensuring that part of the Island is kept aside for those that started the dance movement back in the late eighties is a natural move. This is an exclusively over-50s guest list reserved in advance for the original clubbers, now celebrating with Saga.”

The group plan to invite DJ Pete Tong, who is this week celebrating 20 years on Radio One, as well as Danny Rampling and Paul Oakenfold, to DJ at the events, and to help decide on a theme for the resort which will include luxury poolside apartments and a nightclub, as well as several more chilled out bars and restaurants.

Susan added, “Danny, Pete and Paul were there at the beginning and are brilliantly placed to advise us on what their audiences will want. With the added experience of MFC Management assisting in this exciting new venture, we will ensure that a very specific mood, era and shared experience are reflected in our Pioneer Clubbers Village.”

The answer to the original question, Over 50s plan, or Over 50’s holiday, could be quite simple. Why not do both. For over 50’s plans click here, for Over 50’s holidays keep your eyes peeled. The resort will be ready in 2014.

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