Leeds Building Society Lures In Customers With New Online Deal

Leeds Building Society

Leeds Building Society

At this time of year we are all making new years resolutions to save more and spend less and so we are all looking for the best place to put that little bit of extra cash that we want to put away for a rainy day.

Well the banks and buildings societies are hanging out some deals to dry with some being better than others depending on your circumstances.

The best one appears to be Leeds Building Society’s new Online Access 3 account at 2.04 per cent after tax making it one of the best internet-based accounts on the market, allowing you easy access to your money without penalty at any time. The rate includes a 0.4 percentage point bonus paid until January 31st 2012 giving you a full year of extras to lure you in.

The Post Office Online saver is also coming high up in the payers, at 2.32 percent including a 1 percentage point bonus for the year.

Norwich & Peterborough BS is following closely behind with a 2.24 per cent rate, but unfortunately this is for new customers only.

On the High Street, Santander pays 2 per cent with a 1.2 point bonus for a year while with Halifax Guaranteed Saver Reward you can earn a variable 1.6 per cent (2 per cent) for a year before the rate drops to 0.4 per cent (0.5 per cent).

So send your money for the rainy day to hang out to dry with the bank of your choice and watch it grow as the year goes by!

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