iPod generation don’t see you over 50s as past it

Over 50s Ibiza holiday

Over 50s Ibiza holiday

Research from Saga has revealed that the younger generation have a different perception of the over 50s generation, than the over 50s have of themselves.

The over 50s worry that health problems and Over 50′s plans mean the younger generation see them as past it, but this has actually been proven to be untrue.

Saga commissioned a survey with interesting results, as the 18-24 year old generation revealed that they saw their parents and grandparents generation as ‘with it’ as well as friendly and knowledgeable.

Director general of Saga, Dr Ros Altmann revealed, Around 67 per cent of over 50s believe 18-to-24s perceive them as ‘past it’, but the reality is that just 18 per cent of 18-to-24s actually have that perception.”

“While only 11 per cent of Over 50′s think younger people perceive them as friendly, the reality is that around 29 per cent of 18-to-24s do actually think older people are indeed friendly.

“Just 17 per cent of over 50s think 18-to-24s consider them knowledgeable. However, the truth is that 42 per cent of this age group perceive oldies as being great founts of knowledge.”

Dr Altmann also went on to explain that the two different groups had “very different views about reaching a 50th birthday and whether this makes you ‘old’.”

She added, “About 60 per cent of Over 50′s consider 50 to be ‘just another birthday’, while only 16 per cent of younger people dismiss it in the same way.”

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