Wine Cellars Are The New Trend in Building and Remodeling

Wine cellars are becoming popular features in homes.

Wine cellars are becoming popular features in homes.

People buying new properties and renovating are forgoing larger kitchens and the usual property kudos for a wine cellar. A property with a wine cellar is more appealing to buyers. Home owners are securing contractors to make cellars in their current properties.

Home cinema rooms, personal gyms, and home office room expansions are less popular for a renovation project than a wine cellar. “Our excavation teams are booked up for the next five months,” says Lucy Hargreaves from Spiral Cellars, who installs precasted cellars that feaure corkscrew like staircases and are considered the space savers of wine cellars. The beginning cost of a Spiral Cellar is 14,000 pounds.

Blaze Stojanovski, of Blaze & Company, a property developer, always includes wine cellars in his properties.

Even on a smaller budget a wine cellar can be had in the £5,000 range. It requires the right location within a basement area or availability to install under the home or nearby.

The wine cellar is considered by some as a space to contain their investments, as some wine hobbyists purchase wine as an investment as well as to enjoy it. A cellar also allows hobbyists to purchase wine early before it reaches its prime drinking age and in larger amounts, which gives a savings to the buyer.

According to Gary Broom, founder of wine merchants the Bourdeaux Index, wine has averaged “10.5 per cent a year and always outperforming the stock market” over the past 30 years.

While determining the value a wine cellar will give your property is difficult, if a buyer wants or needs one then it will boost your home to the top of their list and they will pay a higher sale price to obtain it.

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  1. September 27, 2010 at 6:24 pm Mr harris Commented:

    I had a spral cellar installed this year and I have no positive comments. The product has many flaws including door failure and leaks, I am still awaiting this problem to be fixed after many months, the director Mr Hargreaves does not tackle the problem, ignores email, beware.

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