Millions check home insurance policies as gales hammer the UK



Millions of home owners will breathe a sigh of relief this morning as weather forecasters predict that calmer weather is on it’s way following the gale force winds experienced at the weekend.

Winds of up to 114mph battered Scotland and Northern Ireland as millions of home owners pulled out their home insurance policies, concerned about lost tiles, or flying tree branches that could have damaged their properties.

Weather forecasters have now revealed the wind has “reduced significantly” and despite remaining blustery in northern England and parts of Scotland, it should be much calmer from Tuesday.

MeteoGroup revealed that the gales kicked in on Sunday night, and spread throughout Monday, with Scotland’s Cairngorm summit seeing winds of 114mph.

The group explained that the weather was caused by a deep are of low pressure, rare in May, which had passed close to north-west Scotland over the weekend.

Michael Dukes, forecast manager for the group explained, “The high winds that have been battering Scotland, Ireland and the far north of England are about as strong as you ever get in late May.

“These wind speeds would be noteworthy in midwinter, but for them to occur in late spring is really most unusual.

“Indeed, with trees in full leaf, winds of this strength can cause a great deal of problems as trees can be more readily toppled.”

England saw winds of 65mph in Yorkshire while southern England escaped the worst of it with winds of just 45mph, still strong for mid May.

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