Living at number 243? Statistics claim you are living in the most unlucky house on your street

243 most unlucky number to live at

243 most unlucky number to live at

For the superstitious, living at house number 13 is a place to be avoided, but research shows that number 243 may actually be the unluckiest house on the street to live in.

Recent figures have shown that residents living in houses numbered 243 make more claims on their home insurance than those at any other door number.

According to statistics gathered by price comparison site,, around 45 per cent of those who live at 243 have made a claim since 2007.

Ironically, number 13 appeared to be much luckier, comparatively, just 18 per cent had made a claim since 2007.

With 36 per cent, number 201 came in second place and third place saw number one at around 34 per cent having to claim on their house insurance.

It seems that those with lower door numbers, in single or double figures, can rest easy as 90 per cent of the top ten unluckiest numbers were in the hundreds – 190, 240, 241, 221, 217, 218 and 121.

Gareth Kloet, of, said: ‘Some home insurance providers estimate entertaining at home left an £820million bill last year. Judging by our numbers it looks as if 243 is a popular place for a party.’

However, rest assured that three quarters of the claims made were due to loss or accidental damage, rather than break-ins and thefts so no need to up-sticks and move just yet.

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