Young have contradictory pension views

Kids arrive at school starving

Kids arrive at school starving

Research from Aviva has found a stark contradiction in young people’s attitudes towards saving towards their futures.

Research from the pension’s giant was revealed by Clive Bolton, a director at the firm who revealed that those under-21 were a lot more willing to help their own family than to contribute to the state as a whole.

Results from a survey of under-21s showed that 40% of young savers would sacrifice 10% of their salary to help their parents out in retirement, but that 44% believed it was unfair that they should have to contribute towards the state pension.

Clive Bolton explained, “There is quite a contradiction in younger people’s financial attitudes towards today’s retirees.”

Although this should hardly be surprising to him, with the many who do save and earn good money resentful of those who they see to sponge off the state, and picking up benefits like the state pension without ever contributing anything to it.

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