Teacher Strike: Union Teachers Strike Over Pensions

Ucac will demonstrate against planned pension changes

Ucac will demonstrate against planned pension changes

A one-day strike has been planned by members of the Welsh teaching union who have voted for the action to demonstrate against planned changes to their pensions.

The union is Ucac and they represent 3,500 staff, who work in 617 schools.

Figures from the vote have revealed that 89% of members felt it was right to pursue industrial action. Elaine Edwards, general secretary of Ucac, has said that the ‘overwhelming’ result really highlights the anger felt by union members.

Fair and sustainable pensions

The changes are being defended by the UK government who are saying that they want to provide fair and sustainable pensions.

She went on to say that the result really showed how united members where and in their opinions over the fact the ‘Westminister government’s attack’ on public sector pensions has been entirely unjustified and unfair.

Another union, the Association of Teachers and Lecturers (ATL) Cymru education union has gone on to congratulate Ucac on their planned demonstration.

“While those who caused the economic mess are now guaranteeing themselves platinum plated pensions, hard working teachers are being penalised” said Dr Philip Dixon, director of ATL Cymru, who has expressed what many are feeling about this matter.

Again in defence of the changes that are almost definitely going to become a reality the UK government has stood up to say that the pensions teachers will receive will still be one of the best available to anyone in any sector.

Harm students

The Department for Education has stated that they are in talks with unions concerned and are proposing that the contribution rates for next year do rise. They are also concerned that any action will harm students and put more pressure on parents.

It was only at the start of the summer that many unions went ahead with a one-day strike over pensions, Ucac were not involved then but they will be staging their own very soon.

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