Scottish Education: Union Ballots Members On Strike Action

Scottish teaching union to ballot members over strike action

Scottish teaching union to ballot members over strike action

The biggest teaching union in Scotland has agreed to ballot its members on strike action over the potential changes to their pension schemes.

It was only last month that a sub-committee of the Educational Institute of Scotland (EIS) had recommended the ballot to its members.

Pay more get less

This was once the proposals to change pension contributions from the UK government was revealed, the changes would mean that teachers would be pay more in contributions but during retirement they would receive less.

The executive committee of the EIS has given the go ahead to a formal postal ballot of its members which is planned to be held in October.

The EIS are taking a firm stance and are recommending that its members should vote for strike action to voice their opinions against the decision by the UK government.

The ballot papers are due to be sent out before the end of September with the first strike scheduled to take place sometime in November.

Ronnie Smith, EIS general secretary, has said that the decision to formally ballot members on strike action has not been taken without serious thought.

“Mistakes of the Government and the banks”

He went on to say that: “Scottish education and Scottish teachers have taken a series of painful hits in recent years as the result of a financial crisis that was not of their making. The message that is being sent is that teachers have already taken more than their fair share of pain for the mistakes of the Government and the banks and we are not prepared to accept any more.”

In response to the possible strike action the Scottish Government have responded by saying: “We are in discussions with public sector employers and unions about how to address the proposed pension changes in Scotland. No decision has been taken, and so any proposals for industrial action are immature.”

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