Postcode Lottery for the Elderly

Elderly Care system unfair

Elderly Care system unfair

Elderly couples are facing increasing pressure to find money for their basic care if they have savings over £23,000. They are also listed into four different categories of care. These are, low, moderate, substantial and critical. Couples who don’t fall into the critical category  are forced into paying for their own basic care. Another factor influencing the cost of care is where you live.

For example, places such as Derbyshire, Tower Hamlets and Newham all face charges up to £19.80 an hour whereby places such as Surrey face a rise up to also £21.66 an hour. However, costs significantly decrease in places such as Scotland where charges average out to around £12, that is nearly half of what some other elderly couples are expected to pay.

However couples such as John and Maggie Onyett, face the steep increase of their bills jumping from £324 to £920.

“It was a shock. I felt a bit sick,” John explained. “It’s like buying an item from a shop: one day its 1-p and the next day it’s three quid. How do you justify that?”

This is not an isolated incident either, around 916 elderly couples are facing this problem, and fundamentally these couples aren’t getting the care they deserve.

It does beg the question, what is the point of saving for your retirement, when those with savings are forced to fork out extortionate fees, and those without get free care?

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