Nurses willing to strike over pensions

Nurses would strike

Nurses would strike

A new survey has revealed that angry nurses would vote to strike over plans to make cuts to their existing pensions.


The study asked nurses if they would be prepared to take industrial action if it meant protecting the pensions, and 73 per cent replied that they would, showing the overall majority are against the cuts.


The study was commissioned after Lord Huttons investigation recommended that the current system be overhauled if the government are to be able to afford pensions in the long run.


The governments proposed cuts have caused anger amongst nurses, with half of the women on the current scheme due to take less that £3,500 a year when they retire, a figure they don’t want cut.


Whilst cuts are being considered, another option for politicians is to continue to increase the retirement age, which is likely to be introduced, along with plans to change the current scheme from a final salary one, to a career average scheme.


Christina McAnea, the unions head of health said, “Asking workers to pay more into their pensions for less benefits, especially at a time when they are being hit by a pay freeze and inflation, is a real kick in the teeth.”

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