Chairs of member panel and employer appointed by NEST

National Employment Savings Trust

National Employment Savings Trust

The chairs of member panels and employers have been appointed by NEST (National Employment Savings Trust) – the trust-based defined contribution occupational pensions scheme, to facilitate the interaction between the scheme’s trustee board and the panels.

The member panel will be chaired by Museji Takolia, executive chairman of Intellicom Solutions and Paul Jagger – chairman of Barnsley LIFT Company has been appointed as the chairman of the employer panel.

Mr. Jaggar is associated with the education sector and is the chair of Council and pro chancellor of Bradford University. He was associated with government committees on higher and further education and was a regional director for the TUC.

Mr. Takolia is an ex-senior advisor with the Cabinet Office and currently holds the position of non-executive chairman of OFSTED, along with his role Intellicom Solutions.

NEST will start enrolling members on voluntary basis from October and member-employer education is expected to be one of the priorities of the scheme.

“The panels will play a critical role in ensuring Nest works for its members and their employers, and in helping us to make sure both employer and member voices are heard”, said NEST chairman Mr. Lawrence Churchill.

Number of members in each panel, including the chairs will not exceed 15 and the chairmen are expected to be involved in the selection of the first panel members.

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