US President Obama to Visit Ireland in May

Obama with traditional Irish Shamrock

Obama with traditional Irish Shamrock

The United States President Barack Obama has confirmed that he will Visit Ireland in May.

The world leader revealed his plans to visit Ireland in a meeting with Taoiseach Enda kenny in the Oval Office, stating he was looking forward to visiting Ireland.

‘I wanted to say today that I intend to come to Ireland in May’, stated Obama, but the date of the visit has yet to be finalised

The US President stated his intension’s to visit all the famous sites and also visit his Irish heritage, stating his excitement at visiting Moneygall.

Enda Kenny described the upcoming visit of Obama as ‘a vote of confidence’ for the country during difficult times.

Taoiseach Kenny also promised President Obama a rapturous welcome and also challenged the world figure head to a game of golf, to which Obama stated he would need to practice in order to play Kenny as he heard was good at the sport.

Kenny and Obama also stated how they both believed Ireland would again rise to be a strong nation and backed the country to overcome its current economic difficulties.

The first lady Ms Obama stated that America would continue to cooperate and assist Ireland during difficult times.

Mr Kenny presented the US President with a bowl of Shamrock.




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