UK to Rescue 6,000 Stranded Egyptians in Libya

UK set to rescue stranded Egyptians

UK set to rescue stranded Egyptians

In a somewhat surprise move David Cameron has announced to the House of Commons his intention to rescue stranded Egyptians attempting to flea Libya.

An operation to airlift 6,000 stranded Egyptian refugees and return them to their country has been launched by Britain.

Cameron made the announcement while addressing Britain’s response to the humanitarian situation, in which over 160,000 people are reported to have so far crossed the land borders.

Cameron had come under criticism for the pace of country’s response in their attempt to rescue Britain’s stranded in Libya, before surprising MPs with his announcement of his airlift operation.

The Prime Minister revealed that the department for International developments technical teams had been sent to the borders of Libya with Tunisia and Egypt. Cameron also revealed that tents and blankets had been flown in for those stranded.

The rescue operation will see three chartered plans which will fly in rotation, to evacuate upto 6,000 stranded Egyptians.
The planes will leave Britain for Djerba, in Tunisia, where they will then fly to and from Cairo from Djerba.

The moves comes after Britain received a request from the UN, stating that 85,000 were stranded at the border.

Cameron spoke of the importance of the mission; “It is vital to do this. These people shouldn’t be kept in transit camps if it’s possible to take them back to their home, and I’m glad that Britain can play such an important part in doing that.”

The Prime Minister also reiterated Britain’s wish to see Muammar Gaddafi overthrown; think we should support, and say how much we admire, those brave people who are standing up in their own country, asking for greater freedoms, greater democracy – the things we take for granted in our own country.”

Cameron went onto say; “Many … said any sort of rebellion like this would either be extremist or Islamist, or tribal. It is none of those things. It is revolt by the people who want to have greater democracy in their country.”

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